Dr. Kevin Kelly

A Doctorate in Law & Energy Policy, with degrees from Harvard and Northeastern and with a successful career in the industry that has spanned over years, Dr. Kelly is a leader in the energy field. Dr. Kelly’s experience is invaluable when helping organizations meet their EV charging needs. His clients range from private and publicly held entities of all sizes, across a broad range of industries. They include commercial buildings, convenience store chains, manufacturing plants, hospitals, college campuses, municipalities and many more. He and his wife Brenda live in East Sandwich, MA along with their dog, Dublin and their horse, Alejandro.

Craig Bishop

In 1996, after attending Mass Maritime Academy, where he majored in marine and diesel engineering, Craig entered the plumbing and HVAC industry as an apprentice. Working with experienced tradesmen taught him the essential lessons of his craft and helped him develop the skills, that to this day, enable him to combine his professional expertise with a clear focus on customer satisfaction.

Additionally, Craig feels it is absolutely imperative that he remains up-to-date on all facets of the design and installation of HVAC systems, including fabricating specialty replacement parts or unique equipment needs; all in conjunction with the required knowledge of local business codes and the latest in energy saving efficiencies. 

This clear business vision has served him well as he has established three successful energy conscious companies and developed working relationships with Mass Save as well as local utilities.

Craig and his fiancé, Amber, along with her two children make their home in Barnstable Villiage, where Craig has been involved with Rotary and the local Council on Aging. 

Licenses:  CSL (Building License), Master Plumber & Gas-fitter, Universal Refrigeration, Master Sheet Metal, Master Oil, HPC (Home Performance Contractor), Building Analyst, Building Envelope, Home Energy Rater

Owner:  High Efficiency, LLC, Cape Cod Energy Solutions, Home Contracting Solutions. 

Julie Lawson

Julie is a dedicated and technically skilled Business Professional with a versatile administrative skill set developed through experience as a Business Manager, Public Relations Administrator, Payroll Administrator, and Administrative Assistant. She excels at overseeing and supervising the company’s goals, activities and employees.

Julie used her professional experience to volunteer in her community to start a non-profit organization to raise money for Alzheimer’s research. She used her Public Relations Coordinator experience to bring awareness to the community about the organization’s favorable reputation and public image. 

Julie also headed up a non-profit parenting group, providing programs, support services, and resources designed to support them, and increase their capacity and confidence in raising and parenting healthy children.

As part owner of three local companies, Julie is part of a hard-working team of individuals dedicated to providing the best HVAC, Plumbing and weatherization services on the South Shore and Cape Cod.