Blue Planet Residential Program

  • Our team installs our single and multi-port residential EV Charging units in homes and condominiums. 
  • The installation can include electrical upgrades and service enhancements. 
  • Our team will assist you in applying for the maximum state and utility incentives available.
  • What better time to schedule the installation of an EV charger in your home than when you purchase your new Electric Vehicle. 
  • With the Blue Planet Dealership Program, auto dealers can allow their customers to add the cost of the residential EV Charger and any electrical upgrades to the vehicle loan or lease. 
  • Our team will assist in applying for the maximum state incentives available.

Blue Planet Auto Dealers Program

Market position

  • It is all about convenience 
  • The typical EV owner will charge overnight at their residence then convenience charge throughout the day. A convenience charge can take many forms, 
    • 45 minutes while having lunch 
    • 30 minutes while meeting friends at a coffee shop 
    • 60 minutes while working out at the gym